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Named after an ubiquitous, yet undervalued herb, Pigweed celebrates the beauty in the overlooked. Working with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the retail and events industry we try our best to use ‘found’ treasures. Our faves are weathered hardwood, patinas of aged metals, foraged branches of leaf and flower, seasonal seed heads, and lichen and moss. 






Jo Salt is a qualified horticulturalist , a long borne sufferer of Plant Lust, who works tirelessly to bring green visions to life. With aesthetics at the forefront and a relentless eye for detail, she endeavours to make sure Pigweed projects always pack a punch.  Jo also implements beautiful residential gardens for Gardens by SALT and loves to create healing and therapeutic gardens for vulnerable groups where horticultural therapy can help with recovery from physical and mental illness. 


Steve Webb is a landscape architect, permaculturalist and experienced gardener. He has pragmatic hand-on approach to each project and approaches each commission thinking outside the proverbial box. He is also the creator of Edible Kids’ Gardens, an established landscape design, construction and educational business specialising in creative playful family-friendly gardens and play spaces. Steve’s design approach integrates aesthetics, sustainability and productivity in a harmonious way.  One of Steve’s passions is to create magical spaces in which kids can connect with nature and learn about where their food comes from. 


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